How to fix White Screen after Splash Screen in React Native for iOS - react-native

For Android, I made the color of the white screen the same as the Splash Screen color. So how do I change the color of the white screen on iOS?

use react-native-bootsplash or implement splash screen by your own.
you can change the bg color of splash screen using xCode, find and select the .storyboard that is currently used in your project.
from the right side of your x code controls, you will see background prop, from there you can change it.


In a React Native application, how can I dynamically change the background color of the background behind the views?

I'm building an iOS app using react native. Using react-navigation, I open a screen using the 'modal' option. This is a common behavior for iOS applications to open a screen in a modal which animates the screen on top of the current screen, but also moves both screens down so there is a gap at the top and it reveals a black background behind the two screens. For my app, I'd like to dynamically change the color of this background to say a red, green or blue while the app is running. How do I do this in react native using react native or react-navigation apis?

splash screen's letters are double in ionic

I am using ionic for my app but letter of splash screen are becoming double
Real image is like . What could be the reason I am using 2208x2208 resolution
Splash size should be 2732*2732 located at resources/splash.png and then try generating your splash resources using this guide
For me the cause was that I was using an image with transparent background. When I used the same logo with a white background the splashscreen appeared properly.

React Native: Android navigation bar color changes randomly on load

The android app navigation bar color changes randomly when the app loads from background. Some time the navigation bar color is taken from screen first elements.
You can change it using this package

How to change the app icon background color in react-native for android

Please how do I properly change the default background color of app icon which is white to a one of my choice?
I'm using React-native 0.62
if your icon has already a white background you are not able to change that from the app,if you want to do that it need some complicated border detecting and then you can change it!, you need to modify changes outside of app, or just make its background transparent with Photoshop then use and give background to its parent.
i hope it helps

ReactNative - NativeBase - ActionSheet : Items color are white with a white background

I display an ActionSheet from native-base lib and on iOS it displays correctly but on Android the text item color is white over a white background so not visible.
Can I change the style of an ActionSheet control?
I don't know how to find the CSS affecting this.
I have React Native 0.57.1 and Native Base 2.8.1.
I just modified the text color of the whole app to black and change locally the fonts to white, no other solution!
It's not possible to change the font color of the ActionSheet control itself!