How I can get data of preexisting database and show on the screen - sql

i have little experience working with local databases in flutter. I have recently found huge amount of data in sql database from one apk file. Now I would like to use it on my own flutter, but i cannot get inner data. Could you show me how to do that. Thanks a lot beforehand. Any kind of help is appreaciated.


Firebase Big Query: How can I see realtime data in BigQuery?

I have a Firebase application which is uploading events with parameters. I need to be able to view those events in order to debug some issues we're having in production. I can only see the tables which are generated nightly in BigQuery. I can find references online saying that BigQuery allows viewing real time data. What I can't find is any straightforward instructions on how to create those views.
Is it possible? If so, can someone give me instructions that even a complete newb could follow?
We have decided to use the BigQuery APIs for information we want to see immediately in the database.

Best practice for data streaming #bigquery

How would you go for real time data streaming from a PostgreSQL DB on GCS to BQ?
Google has literally a ton of options and products on the left panel menu and from what i could find online, i saw that Datastream and Dataflow might be the way, but that example I found is with data from an oracle DB.
Would a database already on GCS only need dataflow?
I'm confused, the available material doesn't say much (at least to me, maybe it's my limitation) and i need to find a solution as I'm totally new to Google products.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Using Realm for Xamarin Forms with a preexisting SQL database?

We have a preexisting SQL database that holds our data and will be updated from time to time. I've just stumbled across Realm and don't quite understand how it works at the moment.
From the examples I've seen it looks as if Realm creates the database locally on the mobile device (please correct me if I'm wrong). This is not what we want. We want our data to live on some server and then pull that into the application.
Can this be done purely with Realm? Or should we somehow pull from the SQL server? What's the best way to achieve this?

Xcode iOS phone directory app. core data, sql lite, or

as part of an application I am trying to create, I am looking to data storage solutions. However, I have found many solutions that I can not quite directly apply to the position I am in.
Basically, I want to display in my app, a directory of the staff of my organization. About 100 or so individuals. I want to have generic attributes such as name, email, office#, etc.
However, my goal is to not end up with a static representation of the staff here! (people come and go, switch offices,etc.)
I am looking for the best way (if possible) to maintain a small database that I can administer, and if perhaps, something were to change to someone here, I can make the change and the change will be reflected accordingly.
Please help! I tried submitting my first app but got rejected because I relied on a webview to accomplish this task. This is an internship opportunity and my first real chance at development. Any help will be GREATLY appreciated.
The iPhone directory app can be used to store data in any format you want (xml, json or a proprietary format), because all you do is save a file. But if you choose to use the iPhone app directory to store data you have to write code to read the file (very simple to do) and parse the information (not so simple because the dificulty scales based on the information complexity).
SQLite is a tool to store structured data, providing you a set of tools to access and use the information. You don't need to parse the information, because SQLite does it for you by using transact sql queries.
By now, because you have a list of individuals, and these people are relationed to offices, I think you should use SQLite.
The Code Data is a object graph management, it's a tool to give you more options over data manipulation, and can make your life very easy if you have a lot of data and very complex data models. I don't think you need that for your particular problem, but I think you should learn it at some point.
You application will have something like:
A core database (sql server, oracle, my sql, etc) will hold your individuals information (your cloud database).
A web page (php,, etc) will display the core database information in json or xml format (your api).
A iphone app will download the information from the web page and store it in the local SQLite. (you have to decide when you will update the local sql lite, like when is opened, once a week, once a moth, twice a day, etc) (your local storage method).
Display the local SQLite individuals information in the app.

does core data create a database for you?

does core data create a database table for you? I am new to core data and iphone programming and all the tutorials that I see bring in a pre populated database. I am trying to create an app that saves data (i.e. Dates and times) and I don't need to use a prepopulated database. I was wondering when you check the box to use core data, does it create an empty database for you or do you have to create a database table with all the empty fields you need and bring in that sqlite file? This probably sounds like a newb question but I appreciate any help you can give me.
Yes, it creates a table for you. You don't need to mess with such these things.
Here is the best starting tutorial: Core Data Programming Guide
When you know these informations, then you can head and learn more from other tutorials. You will have a different look at them.
You specify a filename. If the file doesn't exist (typical first time your app is run on a device) an empty database is created. If the file exists it will be loaded. You wouldn't really want to try to prepopulate some data in there using SQL. The database has to have a specific, unpublished format for Core Data. If it doesn't match there would be an error.