Record for www Prefix - vercel

I have a web app built with Nuxt 3, which I am hosting on Vercel, and a domain that I bought from Google Domains.
I have an A record with as its hostname, a TTL of one hour, and the IP address from the Vercel dashboard. This works.
However, I did not manage to set up as well. What I currently have (does not work) is a CNAME record with the name * and the value - also taken from the Vercel dashboard. I also tried the value www instead, but both variants simply do nothing. When I try to connect to - even after waiting multiple days to make sure the changes took effect - my browser simply tells me that it cannot connect to this address.


Vue.js & Nuxt cache

We are hosting a nuxt application with nginx as a reverse proxy and pm2. The application was hosted on and after a few months transferred to The was pointed to completely different server (with apache) and should serve different type of project.
On second server that now holds, the redirection is made to (Wordpress project).
What started to happen is that if previously visited, it still shows cached app even tho the now serves Wordpress project. We though the cache would expire but even after week + it still holds the copy of an app. The server has set redirection from non-www to but that redirection never happens and it still loads app from cache.
So far only if you clear cached data from browser (including service workers) the loads new project.
Is there a way to force the browser to reload cache?
The headers are set to no cache and non-www domain pointed to completely different server.
The redirection was made from non-www to www and cache was cleared from both servers (Cloudflare)

ISPConfig and Apache wildcard subdomains issue

I own a VPS with ISPConfig installed. On that VPS we got 4 websites, which are running well, but we have recently spotted problem with Google indexing nonexistent subdomains.
No matter that if you type or or or it will load the main website, which is, I assume, bad for Google as we give them millions of pages to index. I got to mention that subdomains "xxx" and "yyy" were not preset, in a matter of fact we got no subdomains at all, except "mail", which we use to reach the Roundcube for our websites.
I spotted that the "auto-subdomain" setting for every website is "*." and setted it to "www.", which fixed the issue with redirect but now all subdomains are still reachable - response code is 200 and they show empty pages.
I would like to show 404 error or something like that, not OK status.
Take a look at your dns manager, probably you have an "*" A record with * pointing to your IP address, then if you type or, you get

Wrong document root after giving dedicated IP to an account

I'm trying to assign a dedicated IP to an account on my cPanel/WHM installation and I get the default cgi-sys/defaultwebpage.cgi showed when I try to access the website...
When I ping the domain on both my server and at home, I get to good IP (suppose it's
I take a look into /var/cpanel/userdata/ ( is an example) to see if the documentroot is correctly set and also the IP. Everything is fine. (for ssl and non-ssl)
After, I take a look into the /usr/local/apache/conf/httpd.conf to see if everything was correctly configured and it's also good.
I check if the DNS zone was correctly updated and it is.
I have used WHM to assign the new IP so it should work (I have done this before and everything was fine...).
I use the latest stable version of cPanel/WHM.
When I try to access the link, it look into /usr/local/apache/htdocs/ not in /home/website/public_html ...
Also, the SSL work, but not the non-ssl (yesterday I've added a new wildcard SSL to my domain).
The problem was related to a third party product : Varnish.
I had to refresh the address pool to get it working.

Apache sites do not have http:// prefix in address bar

I've setup 4 sites on a LAMP stack and pointed a number of domains at the server. Everything is running nicely but for some reason, none of the sites have the http:// prefix.
It isn't a massive problem but down-the-line, these sites are going to run https on secure areas and I want visitors to be able to differentiate.
Why would Apache NOT display the http:// prefix? I'm using named virtual hosts and have modified my /etc/hosts file to point the relevant domains to my server's IP.
It's most likely the browser hiding the http:// prefix. It should be happening on every other web site you visit with that browser, too.
You can't control this with Apache - but don't worry, in https mode, the browser will make sure the user sees the difference.

Trouble setting up a subdomain on a VPS under Ubuntu and Apache

I'm a complete newbie when it comes to servers, so I need some help. Basically, I want to have a subdomain on my VPS. I'm not too concerned where the files reside, though of course I would like them separated if possible.
I found a guide to doing this that basically sums the procedure up in five steps:
Create directories to host the content of a new virtual site.
Make a copy of the /etc/apache2/sites-available/defaults file with a site appropriate name.
Change the two /var/www/ entries to the actual directory of the new site.
Add the ServerName line with the real domain name you will be hosting.
Use a2ensite to enable the new site, and finally reload Apache2 so it knows about the new site
I tried all of this, but I can't get it to work. I didn't get any errors at any point during this process, but when I enter the address with the subdomain into my browser, I get a "Server not found" error.
The company that hosts my VPS has an admin page where I can set up subdomains. Stupid question: do I have to do reconfigure the DNS records or something while doing this, or is it likely that the problem is caused by something else?
Additional note: I followed a guide on when setting up the server, which in hindsight may not have been the brightest move on my part. It is possible that I made a mistake there that is somehow affecting me now?
Assuming you've setup the subdomain correctly in your VPS' admin page, the only thing left to check here is that you've actually created the subdomain in your DNS administration page (have you?). For example, I use to manage my DNS records and to add a subdomain, it's essentially:
Type: A
Subdomain: sparky
Destination: (this would be your VPS' IP address)
In general, you add a (sub)domain by: A
Please keep in mind that you want to add an A record (this is important!).