Trying to add an invisible watermark to my page which is only visible in photographs/screenshots(Image attached) - npm

This watermark isn't visible to human eyes.(
Found this online:
enter image description here
Expecting to get a watermark in a picture of the screen clicked from phone.


How to prevent scrollbar resetting to top of panel when a checkbox is pressed

I wanted to tick a checkbox that is on a panel but the scrollbar resets to the top of the panel (Image of this in attachments) so I have to scroll back to check it again for each checkbox. Ideally, it should just tick the box without moving the scrollbar back up. When looking this issue up, I came up on this post Don't autoscroll on button click and it said to make a custom class that inherits the panel class and override the panel class and use that. So I tried messing around with this (Image 2 and 3) but have had no success, would be really grateful if I could get some helpenter image description here
enter image description here
enter image description here

Expo Image editor from ImagePicker API

Exponents ImagePicker API lets you pick an image from your library. After picking an image it opens the image in an image editor that lets you edit the image. Is there any way to skip the image picking part and directly go to the editor screen?
Like I give in an image URI and it opens that image in the image editor screen of expo.
Set allowsEditing={false}. See here for details.
allowsEditing (boolean) -- Whether to show a UI to edit the
image/video after it is picked. Images: On Android the user can crop
and rotate the image and on iOS simply crop it. Videos: On iOS user
can trim the video. Defaults to false.

Pop ups for pictures in

I have 3 radio buttons on my form suggesting
3 different pictures to choose from and I have one
picture box in which these pictures will appear.
How do I create pop ups with different information for
each of the pictures in one text box when the mouse
hovers on top of the image and disappears
when the mouse leaves? How?
I've tried and tried Googling but nothing has
helped me at all.

how to open nyroModal inside a modal?

The question: I have a Modal with Bootstrap so when I click on it, of course, it opens the page with some info.
On that page, I have a few images. I have tried, when you click the image it will load the image with a black background and (shadowbox style). The thing is that when I tried that it always load the image at the background, not in front and I want to keep the modal opened because you won't be opening the modal 100 times to see the 100 images.
I'm using bootstrap and nyroModal

Cropping image into popup?

How to crop an image coming from server into popup? I have image coming from web service and showing it into a popup on a click on a table. I want to add cropping functionality into it. How can I do it??
There are a number of open source image cropping libraries on Here's one that replicates Apple's crop image feature. You can then display the editing view controller in a popover when the user selects the row.