How to use #react-native-community/datetimepicker with textinput field with validation in react native - react-native

I refer this docs
I try to implement this in react native with textinput but I don't know how to achieve this, actually I am new in react native pls any one guide me.
I need to add DOB field in registration using datepicker and also user can type dob in textinput with validation pls help, thanks in advance.


Invariant Violation: ListView has been removed from React Native. See for more information or use `deprecated`

I already remove all my ListView component, and also I have no Icon or Spinner component that's I import from react-native or native-base. But it's still getting back this error, can anybody help me plz. I stuck here. But I need a solution very badly.

React native: How to select a view element with nativeID

In React Native I have a component like this,
<View nativeID="myView" />
Now, how can I call/select this View with myView id?
I've checked this: How can i identify a view in objective c with given nativeID(given in react-native)
But unfortunately this isn't work for me.
Please help! Thanks in advance.
Since I started with React and even react native I never had to use a field like your nativeID. Instead, react and react-native allow the use of references. Many times while coding it is used something like:
Well, it is possible to pass the reference "this" as prop while using a React component:
<MyReactComp called={this} ... />
and use methods or functions related to "this" within the declaration of MyReactComp .

Quora-like expandable component in React Native

I'm trying to build a React Native app and would like to implement a component just like in Quora where upon clicking the question, the component expands and shows the remaining details (text/images of the question).
I tried using react-native-panel from, but it can only handle text in the panel before expanding. I'd like to implement a panel that has an image in it even before I press on the panel to expand. Would love it if anyone could refer me to any npm packages that use components to achieve this. Thank you!
Use this tutorial Stick the desired image somewhere there in the code.

React Native DatePicker NativeBase - How to disable specific dates

Is it possible to disable specific dates using the DatePicker of NativeBase in React Native? I looked in the docs, and only found that is possible to specify a minimumDate and minimumDate, but I'm trying to disable some dates in this interval. Thanks!

draft js rich text editor support react native?

First, I do not speak English well.
I would like to add draft-js rich-text-editor to react-native.
However, when I browse the materials, I have difficulties because of the only data related to react.
Can not add draft-js in react-native?
I do not want to add draft-js-render.
I want to add a text-editor.
The component we use in the React Native app is the react-native-pell-rich-editor component, which was the best free and open source component I could find for this problem. It was also the simplest and most consistent/flexible HTML parser I found. We use a draft JS editor on the main site, but this component was better for React Native.